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Empower Your Birth

Babe, I believe in you.

Hello, I’m Cheri

I am a Birth Doula offering pregnancy, birth & post-partum support to you during one of life’s biggest transitions.

Here’s a little bit about me…

I have two gorgeous sons & I raise them with my incredible husband on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.
I am a tea drinking, baked-goods enthusiast who will ALWAYS steer a conversation to talk about vaginas….always.

I am outrageously passionate about women’s health & wellbeing. I love a good belly laugh. I make a mean lentil dhal. And I want the women I work with to walk away from their birth experience having felt educated, equipped & empowered.

I am a Certified & Registered Birth & Post-Partum Doula (Australian Doula College) and I hold a current Senior First Aid (CPR) & Queensland Blue Card. I’m currently studying the art of Bengkung Belly Binding to further support you post-partum.

And a little fun fact, I have a Bachelor’s degree in Music & Psychology. I’m educated to know how your hormones work (and can throw in a little Led Zeppelin to spice things up).

Pregnancy, Birth & Post-Partum Support

My job is to educate, empower & equip you and your wonderful partner to feel confident in birthing, feeding & raising your baby. I provide one-on-one education sessions, individually work through birth plans, positioning & breathing techniques. I am on-call for you after 38 weeks, attend your birth (that’s the big part) wherever you choose to be & support you with coaching, positioning, heat, essential oils, rebozo, and the shower/bath.

I then support your post-partum period with practical help in breast or bottle-feeding, cooking nutrient dense meals, flower baths to assist your bodies healing process and usually leave having washed your dishes – becuase THAT is helpful. Throw in a nurturing belly bind, herbal foot soak & in-depth discussion about your lady parts & you’ll be feeling like the goddess that you are.

Labour shows you what your body and your mind are truly capable of, and by honouring this process you will see that you are a wild woman of untamed strength.

Just incase you forgot what I said earlier: I believe in you…


There’s a package to suit every need through your pregnancy, birth & post-partum. This is an investment into one of the most impacting transitions of your life, my loves! You will never forget the birth of your child, and you deserve to have a positive, empowered & informed experience. Each package supports a different part of your journey.

Fire Goddess
  • Pregnancy, Birth, Post-Partum PLUS+
  • 3x Pre-Natal Sessions
  • Digital Resource Pack
  • On-Call for you 38 weeks+
  • Attend Birth
  • 3x Post-Partum Sessions
  • Gift Hamper (Teas, Soaks, Keep Cups and more)
Fire Goddess (mini)
  • Pregnancy, Birth, Post-Partum
  • 1x Pre-Natal Session
  • Digital Resource Pack
  • On-Call for you 38 Weeks+
  • Attend Birth
  • 1x Post-Partum Session
  • Gift Hamper (Teas, Soaks, Keep Cups and more)
Flower Mama
  • Pregnancy Education Sessions
  • x3 Educational Sessions in your own home
  • Digital Resource Pack
  • Gift Hamper (Teas, Soaks, Keep Cups and more)
Earth Mama
  • Post-Partum Home Support
  • x3 Home Visits to assist with:
  • Breastfeeding Education
  • Baby Care
  • “Closing of the Bones”
  • Nourishing Meals
  • Gift Hamper (Teas, Soaks, Keep Cups and more)

“Cheri was the absolute bomb! She helped us have such a great experience & we are both eternally grateful.”

Zoe – client

“I totally & honestly recommend Cheri’s work. She is so gentle, caring & very professional. You will not be disapointed. Her gentle approach is very heart warming & I love her herbal teas!

Pamela – Client

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Cheri the Doula

Sunshine Coast, QLD


Do you have questions? Would you like to ask them over a cuppa? It’s on me! Enquire below, babe. You have nothing to lose by asking questions.


Instagram: @cherithedoula

Did I mention earlier that I believe in you?